Seriously Strange Sex: Turned on by Tickles

tickling turn on for adults

Welcome to our Seriously Strange Sex Series. We all have a something we deem strange about ourselves or our sexual preferences. And this is the series that encourages you to let your freak flag fly. This week we are taking a look people who derive sexual pleasure from what some people consider torture. We don’t mean sadism or masochism. We’re talking tickle torture, or as is the case for these people tickle pleasure.



Also known as arousal through tickling. People with this fetish tend to love being tickled during sex and they might incorporate toys like feathers or like to be bound while being tickled. People with this fetish can also get aroused by just watching someone else be tickled. This is the broadest term for tickle fetishism and people who identify with knismolagnia often find they also have foot or armpit fetishes since those body parts are associated with being ticklish.



Rough tickles can often border on a scratching sensation, for this reason, there is the pteronphilia fetish label. Pteronphiliacs are aroused only by the softer tickles obtained by feathers and ticklers, and derive no sexual pleasure from the rougher tickles.



Titillagnia is more closely related to foot fetishes and the BDSM community. Often involving restraints and tickle torture that only ends when the tickle bottom either uses a safe word or empties their bladder.

Many people with the above tickle fetishes often push their boundaries by seeing how much tickling they can endure. If you are going to test your limits it is recommended to establish a safeword ahead of time even though it is tickling, enhancements such as restraints and blindfolds that can deprive the other senses heighten touch receptors and can result in the need to use the safeword.

So remember the next time someone threatens to tickle you, they may actually be inviting you to a foreplay session. We will see you next Saturday for some seriously strange loving!

One thought on “Seriously Strange Sex: Turned on by Tickles”

  1. I love any kind of tickle action or activity. Especially if the other person considers me as there canvas and tickles me all over. I just get aroused thinking of it right now. Very Turned on.

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