Smoking Hot Summer Sex

sex and summer love

Summer has brought its first heat wave to parts of the country. What’s the point of enduring the grueling heat of summer if you aren’t going to strip down with the girl or guy of your choosing and work up the good kind of sweat? So here are some great ways to give your inner sexual deviant some exercise this season.

Screw the Solstice

Screw the Solstice Sex

The longest hottest day of the year is coming (June 21st). So why not celebrate it by seeing just how many times you can squeeze in some sex. Actually, there’s not really a reason to stop when the sun goes down. So just go ahead and embrace the sexual magic of this unofficial sex holiday.

Get Wet

Get Wet Summer Sex

Pool, lake, beach, waterfall, sprinklers, an abnormally large puddle doesn’t really matter which as long as it’s wet. Sex is hot, and with the heat things can get messy, so add some water into your sex sessions to keep things from getting to hot. Just beware of yeast infections and double check your protection method.

Fucking in Tents

Fucking in Tents is Awesome

You don’t have to love the outdoors to love finding a secluded area for some slightly voyeuristic sex with your summer love. So go on find a beautiful secluded area and get it on, and don’t worry about keeping quiet, because it’s the woods, chances are you’re all alone out there. Bonus points if you find a spot by water and add in some skinny dipping foreplay.

Explosive Orgasms

Explosive Orgasms in Summertime

The 4th of July is a great time to grab your special someone and enjoy some sex while fireworks are literally overhead. But if you don’t have a summer lover don’t let it get you down. It is called Independence Day after all. No reason you can’t shoot off a load or two on your own.

Work Work Work

Working, tiring out kind of sex

Summer will eventually draw to an end, if you’ve reached Labor Day and look back and realize your summer hasn’t been as sex-filled as you would like then don’t worry there’s still time! Labor Day gives you one last chance to make up for all those lost orgasms. You might have the day off, but that doesn’t mean your penis has to.

The air is finally warm, clothing is skimp, so get out of your stuffy bedroom and out for some serious summer-inspired sex.


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