Seriously Strange Sex: Sleep Orgasms

sleep orgasm

Our Seriously Strange Sex Series doubles this week as a reminder to set your clocks forward. With this edition, we are exploring what you could be missing during that lost hour.. an orgasm.. a sleep orgasm to be exact… 

Sleep Orgasms

Sleep Orgasms

Scientifically speaking, a sleep orgasm is a nocturnal emission or an involuntary ejaculation that occurs during sleep.

If you assumed we’re talking about wet dreams, then you guessed right.

But did you know that wet dreams aren’t only something men experience?

That’s right, ladies can get off while they are snoozing too!

When Sleep Orgasms Occur

When Sleep Orgasms Occur

While most people reported having wet dreams during puberty and adolescence, for some adults wet dreams are easier to have than orgasms during intercourse.

Your sex dreams are usually free of the distractions, stress, and anxiety that can typically interfere with an orgasm.

It’s just you, your mind, and your body making sweet, sweet love… to yourself.

Ways to help you have a sleep orgasm

Ways to help you have a sleep orgasm

Sleeping on your stomach is associated with having more intense dreams, like those about sex, being tied up, being unable to breathe, and other kinky fetishes.

That’s because during REM sleep your genitals still have active sensations so they will feel the weight of your body fully relaxed upon them. This position also creates more contact since you have the firmness of a mattress rather than just a blanket against you.

Sex dreams and sleep-gasms are completely normal, and while you can help to trigger them, they are unpredictable.

Have you ever had a sleep orgasm? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Seriously Strange Sex: Sleep Orgasms”

  1. Orgasms are a must in my life awake or sleep. The sleep ones are the best due to the fact I am in my own little world and what I do in my sleep or dreams I can and will do it in reality just thinking about it gets me turned on and dreaming of who I will have sex with in my dreams tonight.

  2. Yes I have has a sleep orgasm before and it was definitely most unexpected, explosive, amazing cum ever,

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