Sexy Couples Costumes

couples costume sexy

It’s officially autumn, and the last week before the Halloween parties kick off. If you and your someone special are at a loss for what to be this year we’ve got your back. Here are some show stopping sexy costume ideas that will make sure you both turn heads.

Dirty Disney Aladdin and Jasmine

Dirty Disney Aladdin and Jasmine

With the live action remake in the future beat the crowds and rock these sexy costumes before everyone else joins in.

Adam and Eve (or Steve)

Adam and Steve gay costume

The perfect excuse to wear next to nothing and make a statement at the same time. Just make sure your loin cloths keep everything covered since we are living in a post apple world.



If you like to bare it all but prefer to avoid the biblical reference then these D.I.Y streaker costumes are perfect for you. You can make your censor bars as thick or thin as you like, just make sure you have censor bars before you head out in public.

Sexy Siren and Sailor

Sexy Siren and Sailor costumes

Mermaids and Sirens are huge this year, and who doesn’t love a man in uniform? You and your hot other half will be sure to make waves in these.

Sexy Avengers Costumes

Sexy Avengers Costumes

If you prefer a fuller relationship and need costume ideas that work for multiple partners the avengers is perfect for you. Pick your favorite characters and enjoy yourselves before ending your night in blissful oblivion.

Get creative with your partner in crime this year, and add some sex appeal to your celebrations and don’t forget to leave us a picture of your sexy selves below! Don’t worry if you don’t have someone to dress up with come back next week for our top picks for singles this year!

2 thoughts on “Sexy Couples Costumes”

  1. I love these ideas especially the sexy siren and sailor now that is such a big turn on. I love that a lot. And if I am dress like that and find a partner to dress with. The sex before and after the party totally would be happy. Ideas such as these are really making me horny.

  2. I love these costume ideas and I so would like to find a partner and be the sexy siren and the sailor with some one I think that would be so hot.

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