Sexting vs Snapchatting

sexting vs snapchatting

Welcome back to the series dedicated to helping you be the master of your sext game. This week we’re comparing Sexting vs Snapchatting. Both platforms offer popular ways to get your sexual message across. But which platform is better suited to you and your partner’s needs?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding what your partner would prefer you use, and as always when it comes to all things sex, to be a master, it’s important to pay attention to their desires.

What Do They Like?

what does your partner like
This may come as a surprise but some women don’t like the infamous dick pic. Are you as shocked as we where to find that out?  But the ladies have spoken and seem to agree, if they want to see your dick, they’ll ask for it. Using snap chat can easily turn into her sending a bunch of tantalizing tits and ass shots while you’re left simply with your dick in your hand. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of action received on her end, so if you haven’t mastered the sexy selfie, and are unsure how many camera angles you can really pull off maybe texting is for you. You will still be able to send hot and heavy photos upon request, but you’ll be able to fill in your lack of photos with some sensual substance.

Unleash Your Inner Poet

sexting like a poet

We don’t mean write her sonnets (unless she likes that kind of thing), but be descriptive. If you choose to text, you aren’t limited to a certain character count like in snapchat. You will be able to tell her everything you want without using a ton of snaps to do so. Of course, if all you are looking for is quick bursts of sexy sentences, then go for it! It could be helpful if you don’t have the time to go full on Shakespeare for her. The downside? It is timed. You only get ten seconds to view the photo sent to you. You can always screenshot the picture, but if you are only casual, that would be a bad idea. And you may find your snap session ending on a solo note.

Is Privacy Important?

sexting privately
The last factor, is the expected amount of privacy. If you are worried about nosy roommates sneaking a peak snapchat is the better option. As long as nothing is screenshot, everything disappears on both ends of the conversation whether snaps or texts through the chat feature. Through texting, you can delete your side of the conversation, but if they don’t delete theirs, they will have it forever. Screenshots also go undetected in texting, whereas Snapchat tells you right away if the other person is saving the memory of your conversation.

As long as you base your method on both of your wants and needs, your sexting sexting session should be a slam dunk. Which will you choose?

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