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Sexting is great for keeping things hot when you and your special someone are apart. But it can be used for so much more than that. For example if one of you has a fantasy that your partner isn’t quite ready to try out, sexting each other about it can help ease into the new ideas. This week were going to take a look at a sexting session focused on sex in public.

Making sure the setting is clear

sexting public sex fantasy

I hold you around your hips firmly with one hand while grabbing the barstool with the other pulling you closer to me.

I giggle and try to keep my balance spreading my knees apart a little so one of your knees can slide in between my legs.

I slide my hand up your back to the back of your neck pulling you in for a kiss while my other hand moves from between the bar counter and stool up onto your thigh.

I lean into your kiss resting my hands on your knees to help keep my balance.

I slide my hand up your thigh past the lace of your stocking drawn in by the heat of your pussy.

Feeling your fingers brush against me I gasp into your mouth and wiggle away a bit.

I let you try amused when you realize you’re pinned in by the crowd when you look back at me I whisper “you know you want this, relax you will love it.”

Keep the setting in mind.

settings for public sexting

It would be unrealistic to throw her on the bar and ravage her in this instance, to help them decide if they would be willing to give it a try make sure to describe it realistically.

I try to hide the fear in my eyes by closing them and leaning back into your lips.

As soon as your lips touch mine I slide two fingers into your pussy. I leave them buried deep inside you to let you enjoy feeling me inside you with all these people around us.

I use my hands to keep my skirt pulled down over your hand but scoot closer to the edge of my bar stool to give you a better angle.

I wrap my hand back around your waist sliding you even closer while I slide my fingers in and out of you loving how wet you’re getting for me.

Progress Naturally

Progress Naturally into Sexting Fantasies

Remember if you are trying to open up your relationship to new possibilities you will want to explore them here. Playing it safe is great for your first time, but during your sexting sessions don’t hold back on what you want.

Standing between your legs I keep one hand behind your back while I unzip my pants.

I reach forward and free your thick cock lifting my thighs a bit to try to hide us as much as possible.

You wrap your feet around my legs digging the heels of your shoes into me to help keep them in place while I slide my throbbing hard cocks tip up and down from your clit to your ass and back again before sliding inside your wet aching pussy.

I can’t help but arch my back and push my hips harder against you letting you fill me all the way. I pull your head down closer to me so I can whisper in your ear “fuck me hard.”

It may take a few different sexting sessions before your partner decides to give things a try, if they do at all. Remember it really can’t hurt to try, as long as its legal. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. I love this I need this intense activity in my life. Mmmm and my body is craving it just as well. Very turned on my the above.

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