Sexting Tips and Scripts

Sexy scripts

Sexting is one of the biggest forms of foreplay right now. It’s also a crucial part of many long distance relationships. If you’ve found yourself in a sexting rut we have some tips and suggestions to help you spice back up your sext life.


Starting of a sexting session can be one of the hardest parts. Trying something flirty is a good way to initiate. It leaves the ball in your partners court to either go with it or to detour things until a better time for them. Some of these can be good starters.

  • I’ve got a surprise waiting for you sexy.
  • I want you.
  • I wish you where here / It’s to bad you’re not here right now.
  • I’m thinking about what I want to do with you next time I see you.


If you and your partner talk dirty in the bedroom use those same words when you’re sexting. For example if you always call their dick “cock” then use cock when you sext.

  • I love staring at your dick/tits/ass/lips.
  • You make my pussy so wet/ cock so hard.
  • I need your dick inside me/ I need my dick inside you.

Use actual encounters you’ve had with each other so you don’t have to work off of just your imagination.

  • It makes me so wet thinking about that time we (describe a sexual act you enjoy.)
  • I’ve never cum as hard as I did when you (describe a time you got off)


Sexting can be a great way to introduce a fantasy you have but may be a little uncomfortable initiating in person.

  • I had such a good dream about you last night…and then when they ask explain the fantasy.
  • Thinking about you spanking me/pulling my hair/tying me up gets me so hot.
  • I’m playing with myself right now thinking about you blindfolded while I…


You don’t always have to respond with a super sexual porn star response. It’s okay to give simple yet sexy answers when you aren’t sure what else to say.

  • Tell me more.
  • What else would you do to me?
  • That makes me so hot.
  • Oh I love when you talk like that.

The most important thing to remember is to just do what comes natural. Sexting is very much like actual sex, if you aren’t comfortable it will show so don’t try to force yourself just relax and enjoy yourself.


9 thoughts on “Sexting Tips and Scripts”

  1. I love sexting but I never thought about introducing a fantasy I think the next time I should do that. I think it would be so sexy to mix some sort of hot role play and fantasy together for an erotic shard session between us.

    1. How do you get guys to start sexting? I’m new to this, I’ve left messages but only one reply thank you

      1. Straight to the point. "Baaabe, my clitoris won’t stop throbbing thinking of your love" or "Omg, I’m so horny for that fat penis right now! I’m literally going crazy!" 😂😂

    2. you walk thru the door seeing me laying on our bed dressed in sexy lingerie you bought me last weekend and my little sissy stick is showing from the panies and I am,on my back using my vibrator and rubbing myself like the sissy slit I am to an orgasm and you come over to start helping me ,get of with the no d tintemse rgasm

    3. I want to,play a fantasy of role play dress me up and so forth I am so hard in the sexy pink panties you put on me and its ‘getting me.

  2. Oh… I have a sexy ass partner who KNOWS how to sext well. IN FACT this play partner is so good I start to ache knowing that I will be satisfied fully when we get together!

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