Swinging by Sext

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Welcome to our Master Sexting Series– This week we have an example of how to add an extra sexual partner to the mix via sexting. This is a great way to satisfy a multiple partners desire when one of the partners does not want to actively participate with a third. (Portions have been removed for privacy.)


funny sext message

He’s cute.

Good. But is he Doable?


We’re talking about you. He thinks it’s cool that you’re willing to let me do this.

He’s right. 🙂

He’s getting us another drink if I get drunk you’ll have to come pick me up.

Will do! Is he okay with you texting me?

Yes, he knows that’s the deal.


No, he’s paying the bar bill, waiting on change. U sure U ok with this?


I’m really wet, is that bad?


*** wants to know it’s okay for us to do things.

Of course it is!

He wants to see you say it. Can I show him a text?

Dear ***, have as much fun with my wife as you would like, just please make sure she keeps sending me texts and pictures.

He said thank you.


sexting humor

Is he naked yet?



And he’s really hard! But he’s not as good as you.

Aw. Why?

He can’t find my clit.

I’ll find it when you come home.

Feels funny texting while he’s doing it.

You can stop.

No, he told me to keep texting. I think he likes it.

I like it.

UR making me horny! Send me another pic of you!

He’s fucking me right now and told me to tell you. (picture attached)

So hot!

So big! Hard to type!

Do it, baby!

Big, Deep! Fuck!


sexting picture


I love u 2. I’m getting dressed and coming home, okay?


I’m filled with cum.


I’ll see you soon!

Don’t be afraid to let your wild side come through in your sexting! We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


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  1. Wow! I love the above a lot this gives a whole new meaning to the phase sharing is caring. And the next time I have sex would love to share I do think that doing so would make my orgasm much stronger.

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