Sexting Tips: Scripts to a Sub

sexting subs

Our Master Sexting Series continues with some sexting scripts for you today specially catered for those whose partner happens to be a submissive.

Collar Yourself

Collar Yourself sexting

Put the collar on and lock it.

The key is with me, and you will have the opportunity to use it later, but for now, I own you. Now quickly, set the camera to take a picture of you, hands and knees on the coffee table. It should link to your phone, send a copy to me.

Spanking Sexts

Spanking Sexts

As I flip you over you stick out your ass. Makes me want to smack it, knowing that at a certain point in a spanking you will lose control. Wet, those little panties will be quite see-through, quite invisible.

Sexting some Butt-Plug Play

Sexting some Butt-Plug Play

Make sure you lube it well then slide it in place holding your hand against it just like I would. I bet you feel better now. Your needy hungry little asshole stuffed tight with the big bad plug.

Orgasm Delay Sexting

Orgasm Delay Sexting

No. Don’t cum. Come home first, and when you get in and hang up your jacket. I don’t want it in the way when I see you. Am I going to see wet panties or were you able to hold it? Either way, grab some water from the fridge and come into the bedroom. I’ll be waiting.

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We hope you enjoy the first day of Spring tomorrow!

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

One thought on “Sexting Tips: Scripts to a Sub”

  1. The above tips are very seducing. I like myself being a bit of a switch from time to time to enhance things. When I am a sub I like the way it makes me feel and how I am so willing to submit and explore and have my limits pushed. very turned on with the thought of this.

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