Sexting Simply is Sexy

sexting simply is sexy

Welcome back to the series entirely dedicated to making you a sexting God. When sexting your woman, you want her to want you. A great way to accomplish this is to keep things simple. Not every text needs to be a novel. Instead of going for a long descriptive paragraph every time, try something short and sweet.

“I want you so bad.” Sarah E. recently received this text message from her husband while he was at work. She told us, “Now I’m turned on…It was so simple but so… hot!” According to her, that short text message had her waiting in anticipation for hours for him to come home. A message like this, can leave a woman excited for longer than you’d think.

When making a simple remark like this, you want to make sure it’s something she wants to hear. If she sends you a message first, asking what you are up to, reply with something simple, such as, “Thinking about your body.” For a lot of women, that alone will send an instant blush to their cheeks and shiver down their spines.

Of course, be sure to alternate from time to time, do not just pop up with the little sentences. Get creative. “When I get home, be wearing those new panties.” is a great request because its allowing her to be aware of the ideas you have for the night, without flat out telling her you plan to fuck her when you show up. But, she will know, and probably be eager for the occasion.

Make sure if she asks what you plan to do, you know whether you are intending to go into detail or not. You can choose to either give it away with an explanation on how you want to lick every inch of her body. Or, you can choose to keep it simple and sexy. “You’ll see.” could be a great way to induce her anticipation. Keep her guessing and waiting to find out what your plans are.

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