Master Your Sexting Skills: Sexting Scripts


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Welcome back to our Master Sexting Series. Sexting is a great way to spice things up, so to help you start off this month we have gathered together some sexting scripts for you to keep you warm while you wait for spring.

sext script

You just turned me on.

Mission complete. I have been horny for the last two days. Tell me something.

Me and you laying side by side staring at some beautiful scene…then all of a sudden you take my dick and then begin sucking it. I then in turn lay you on the floor, remove your clothes and hot panties and begin eating you…my cookie. Just love it! Then I start fingering you and after one orgasm, I eventually insert my already fuming dick inside your tight pussy.

Damn baby, you make me so wet

sext example

I’ve been thinking about doing naughty things to you…

What things?

Tying your arms to the top of the bed so you’re all mine to do anything I want with. Ill start at your wrists and lick and kiss my way down your entire body.

sexting screen shot

I missed you in my bed last night.

Oh yeah? Where you cold without me?

Well parts of me where cold, other parts where warm and throbbing and missing you deeply.

Stay warm and sexy and we will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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