Sexting Regrets

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This week we have some firsthand experiences of sexting regrets to help you learn from their mistakes. Most people who sext say sexting led to positive sexual and emotional encounters, ho, ever there are a few people who experience regret or worry. Here’s their stories to help you avoid similar situations.

Stolen Selfies

sexting panic

“I only did it once. A few weeks later, my boyfriend sent me a message, “My phone got stolen at the gym…” At first, I assumed he was just telling me because it sucked. But then I clued in. The pictures. My heart dropped. My stomach twisted into a million knots.

“Please tell me you didn’t save those photos.”

“I did. I’m sorry.”

Just like that, my life changed. His phone had a lock but as we all know, nothing is perfectly safe. Nothing is unstoppable. Maybe someone just took it to throw it in a river to be horrible. They could just reset it so they could get in and use it as their own. Everything would be deleted then anyway. But truthfully, I had no idea. My face wasn’t in the photos but it’d be easy enough to figure out who they were of. My mind reeled every moment knowing I could be exposed to the world in a way I was not okay with. I felt like even though the photos hadn’t yet surfaced, I had been violated. I had to deal with the knowledge that my reputation could be destroyed any second. I waited in agony for months, wondering if and when the photos would be exposed.” You can read more about Skylar Jones’s story here.

If you would like to know how to safely sext selfies check out our article on sexting the perfect selfie here.

Creeping Back

sexting worries

How it happened was during spring break a guy I knew for quite decided to text me. We were pretty good friends so I had a good time chatting with him. Somehow it got personal and lead to us sexting… We weren’t dating or anything at the time and we didn’t date afterward. It was just a one time thing. Now, my current boyfriend started to ask me about sexting and where I stand on the topic. I really regret sexting but I’ve never told him I’ve done it. I’m trying hard to forget the entire experience but it creeps back up. I really hate it. I don’t want to sext again…

If you are ever uncomfortable with anything sexual you should always communicate that with your partner. Open lines of communication are necessary to build trust and happy healthy sexual relationships.

Unsolicited Dick Pic

Unsolicited Dick Pic

“My feet were on the table and my legs were spread on the couch. I pressed “send” and, like many horny young men, felt the chill on my skin and the tingling of anticipation inside my belly. My eyes searched the living room. It was around midnight. Nearly everything was dark, and my pants were balled on the floor near the couch. “This was too easy,” I thought. Just pull my penis out from beneath my boxers and snap! Instant arousal. She finally wrote back. “Omg. Is that … ?” Was that good? Did she like it? Where’s the smile? The wink? The tongue? Why didn’t she send a photo of her tits? I mean, she sent me a photo of her bra, but not her tits? Come on. Should I make it harder? Did I do this right? Maybe she doesn’t really want me. As the minutes passed, the emotions blended and then faded, until the only one that remained was the worst one of all: shame. I felt like a dick (literally) for sending a woman a picture of my dick. That was the last time I sexted, more than five years ago.” You can read more about Timothy’s story here.

It’s important to remember when sexting that pictures can be great additions, when they are wanted. However there are millions of webpages and even apps to provide responses to unsolicited dick pics, so before you hit send make sure your partner WANTS to see what you’re sending. 

We will see you next week for more scripts tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

Welcome to our Master Sexting Series. Whether you are a seasoned pro at sexting and just need some new material, or are brand new to sending sexts stick with us and you will be a master at sexting in no time! This series will have scripts and tips to help spice up your sext life! It’s important to remember there are many different ways to sext.

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  1. I can so relate to sexing regrets. Especially after having way too much to drink. And I send the wrong message to the wrong person or I get in the mood where I just want to show off more than I should. It`s crazy I use to have sex regrets with doing it with the wrong person. Now I have sexting regrets my messaging the wrong person or to much body being shown.

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