Sexting May be good for your health & the health of your relationship


We’ve all heard warnings about the dangers of mixing sexual activity with technology. Screenshots of snapchats and viral videos that were supposed to be private being blasted all over the internet. If the warnings made you shy away from a good sexting session, it may be time to rethink that. After all camera phones were invented for a reason, and we’re pretty sure sexting is one of them. Indulging in a little technological sexploration may actually be good for your health.


Drexel University recently conducted a study surveying 870 men and women between the ages of 18 and 82. They questioned them about their sexting behavior, and their level of satisfaction with their sex life and relationship. They discovered that approximately 82% of those people had indulged in sexting during the previous year. Also 9 out of 10 people had sexted at some point in their lives. More importantly, they found that the respondents who had engaged in a higher number of “sextual” exchanges were also more sexually satisfied and content than those who hadn’t. The study also found that people who were in a relationship that engaged in sexting felt more comfortable and capable of open sexual communication. You can find out more about the study here.

Drexel isn’t alone in their research. The Sex toy company Adam & Eve has also done some in-depth research on sexting in general. If sending nude selfies has been keeping you away from sexting then don’t worry! While it has been found that sending those sexy selfies has boosted the sender’s self-image, only a mere 38 percent of people in their study actually sent photos. Most people sext using words alone. Most often these are just dirty thoughts or ideas.

So if you’ve been holding back on sexting for fear of it being bad for you or your relationship, don’t worry! There seems to be more and more evidence that when used appropriately sexting may actually enhance your sexual health, and the health of your relationship. Sext on people!


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  1. Eureka! I am very happy with the above and I am going to get my sex/text going hot and heavy to show off all of my good assets. After all it will keep me nice and healthy for a long time.

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