Sexting When You’re Married

sexting married

If you’ve got a case of the blues don’t worry we know something that can lift your spirits… Sexting. That’s right, grab that phone and spend some alone time with the one you love even if you’re not alone together.

You may have thought sexting was only for 20 somethings, but that’s not the case. Sexting is great for married couples too, and here’s everything you need to know.

Some Guidelines for Married Sexting

Guidelines for Married Sexting

Double check who you are sexting. Adulting is hard enough, and it’s easy to accidentally click on the wrong messages. You don’t want to send your son’s football coach a dick pic. That could get awkward fast.

Keep your partner’s schedule in mind. Don’t send a sext if they may be in a meeting, or in the middle of feeding the kids lunch. Try to choose times that work with both of your schedules if at all possible.

“Did you use my lube as lotion?” does not count as a sext, however.

But “Don’t cook I’m picking up dinner on the way home,” does and also significantly increases your chances of getting lucky once you are home.

Married Sexting Tips

Married Sexting

If you happen to have a wife who stays at home with the kids, don’t try to start a sexting session with “What are you wearing?” The best case scenario is you get a reply “I’m still in my pjs”, worst case is some version of why she had to change due to some form of bodily fluids ending up on them.

Try something flattering and sensual instead. “You looked so sexy this morning.” Or “I miss you and can still taste your kiss” are much safer options.

Some Sexting Suggestions

Some Sexting Suggestions

If you’ve been with your spouse a while, you may feel like it’s hard to flirt over text messages. If so here are some sext suggestions to get things started.

“Good morning sexy! I can’t wait to get home to you tonight.”

“I was just thinking about the other day when you were wearing _______. You really turn me on when you wear that.”

“I hate having to be away from you, I wish my hand where on you right now.”

Keep in mind that just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy sex with each other. Take advantage of sexting to help spice things up! We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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