Master Sexting Mondays: Sexting Hits & Misses

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Welcome to our Master Sexting Series. Whether you are a seasoned pro at sexting and just need some new material, or are brand new to sending sexts to stick with us and you will be a master at sexting in no time! This series will have scripts and tips to help spice up your

This series will have scripts and tips to help spice up your sext life! It’s important to remember there are many different ways to sext. Learning the hard way is never a good thing when it comes to sex or sexting.

Unfortunately, some of the following sexters found out that not everything works the same in sexting as it might in person. We have compiled some fails so you can learn from their mistakes. We’ve also thrown in a few really great sexts so you can add a few of their moves to your own playbook.

Sexting Fail

Sexting Fail

Letting your mind wander during sex is one thing. Letting it wander and typing it out during sexting is a really bad idea.

A Sext For The Win

Sext For The Win

Smooth start and transitions. They may even get the opportunity to act out their dreams.

You’ve Failed at Sexting, Dude.

Bad Sexting

Compliments are great during sexting. However you should probably spread them out a bit and maybe get a little more creative then nice boob and awesome stomach. Try more descriptive words, like a ‘sweet smelling neck’, or ‘sexy shoulders’. Round, firm, perky, and perfect are all great words to precede boobs. Maybe just stick with kiss my way down your smooth stomach if you really need to compliment every body part as you go.

Sexting Win with Zappa

Sexting Win with Zappa

When all else fails, go with what you know. There are a lot of super sexy lyrics out there so if you’re at a loss for words go ahead and give it a try.

Caveman Sexting Fail

Caveman Sexting Fail

Well, we have to give it to this guy, he’s got the basics of sex down. However, when it comes to sexting you need to be a bit more imaginative and descriptive than just the basics.


sexting but no response

We aren’t really sure if this guy struck out or not. He’s heading in the right direction, but her lack of response means she’s either really into it and her hands are busy or she got board reading about how he wanted things to go. Remember when you’re sexing to pause now and then for a response so you know if they like the way things are going or if you should change it up a bit.

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. The above is really informative and it really does help. When it comes to sexting you gotta be on point to convey and express yourself as clear as possible so the other person on the other side can feel your words in a sense and understand clearly.

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