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Sexting has never been more fun than on, where sexting is a great way to loosen up, set the mood, and get your creative juices flowing. Looking for sexting ideas? So many videos out there explaining how to sext — you could literally spend your day viewing search results for “sexting examples video.”  Seems lately, everyone’s sexting and telling the world about it.

But “how to” sexting videos are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the ways that video can improve your sexting game. Virtually ANY video you find sexy or sensually appealing can motivate and inspire some of the most enthusiastic, imaginative sexting!

Watch your favorite erotic videos for ideas on what to sext and how to convey yourself as a sexual person. Porn stars demonstrate the confidence and bravado of someone who owns their sexuality — and thoroughly enjoys it! While you don’t want your sexts to sound like porn dialog, paying close attention to “porn star swagger” will help you to express yourself openly & assuredly when sexting — and having phone sex, and webcamming, and practically every interaction you can have, sexually, for that matter.

Watching porn also helps you gain insight into what turns you on. A person can sample a whole lifetime’s worth of sexual adventures from the comfort of their laptop, simply clicking through searches for keywords from “boy meets girl” to “mistress dominates sissy boy” and everything in between. With so much porn out there, the choices are almost dizzying — and the risks are high, too. Viruses, malware, security issues…

Fortunately, porn is no longer in the Dark Ages! Practically everyone now in modern society is comfortable or at least familiar with it — and most of us are even enjoying it! While there are many reputable “adult entertainment” websites, many work on membership platforms, or offer different rate plans that may include added charges. Others specialize in one particular fantasy or fetish, or feature only a certain adult star or character type.

Just starting out, then, look for a pay-per-minute site with lots of titles so you can sample a little bit of everything. Keep your eye on the bottom line, of course, but remember that often it’s just a few extra cents for infinitely higher quality and security. A good example of this is, a wildly popular Video On Demand service with a catalog of almost 200,00 titles. Oh yeah, and they also happen to be our partner.

Check ’em out: All the latest & greatest, plus fetish, vintage, reality, you name it. Streaming, downloads, rentals. New users get up to 60 FREE MINUTES! All major credit cards accepted. Register FREE for deals, promotions, offers.

Like, is completely safe & private. No minimums, no memberships, no added fees. Any devices, desktop or mobile. Low per-minute rates at the highest technology available.

Have you ever watched porn with someone? Or have you thought about it? How hot could it be? A warm, seductive voice in your ear while your eyes are glued to XXX action you personally selected for mutual pleasure.  What a great way to double your sensory experience! Right now, you’ll need to finagle this experience with your phone and computer, but won’t it be great to make it all happen with one click?

Hot Talk + Video  =  COMING SOON:

What do you get when you take the finest adult content available online, and add a hot live girl inspiring you, every stroke of the way?!

For the hottest porn experience available, take it to the next level at, where you’ll be able to talk live, one on one while you & your phone babe enjoy the same exciting scenes together.

So real! So intense!

You’re not just watching, you’ll be part of the action with a sexy partner right there moaning, whispering, urging you towards the explosive finale you both saw coming.

For sexting examples, video can provide all the instruction and inspiration you need!

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