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iStock_000001123969Small FYI:  Sexting pictures — where do you get them? How about sexting examples to improve your game? What is “Sniper Sexting?” Plus, a tip on how to put your old-school porn mags to use in the age of technology!

First things first: if you’re sexting, you’re gonna wanna use photos: after all, a picture is worth a thousand words — or at the very least, a sexy moan. But for godsake — DON’T START OFF SEXTING WITH PHOTOS! Seriously.

Sexting is contextual. What is hot between aroused individuals engaged in imaginative word play could be anything but when arriving out of the blue & unprompted. No one wants to innocently check a text ping in mixed company, and whomp — there it is. Ooh boy.

Everyone knows when you get a sext, don’t try to hide it. Nude pictures, sex pictures — they all give off the same “fleshy glow” when viewed briefly, from a distance. And if that isn’t tip-off enough, we all have a “tell” when we read something highly personal like a sext. We can’t help it, we can’t hide it. If you know someone well enough, you will know instinctively if they’re having a casual/serious/intimate phone call, right? It’s like that with texts, too.

So when a hot sext comes in at the wrong time — that’s like winning a free bar tab on the night you’re a designated driver. It’s a bummer! It’s frustrating! And since it’s so very highly personal, it’s kind of embarrassing, too.

So don’t do it — Just Say No to Sniper-Sexting!

Keep your junk in the trunk (or wherever you store it) and start off sexting by testing the waters. Keep it light, keep it fun. Think flirty rather than erotic. You’re just checking the temperature, here.

Of course it goes without saying that you & the person you’re sexting have exchanged some sort of greeting/small talk first. When you’re relaxed & comfortable & ready to “engage,” try hinting, asking questions, using humor and double entendre to get the ball rolling.

  •  Bare with me on that. I mean bear. Or do I?
  •  I love eating out. Wait, that came out wrong. Wait, THAT came out wrong…
  •  I had this dream about the first girl I made out with in camp and she turned into you!
  •  Can’t get this image outta my mind, driving me crazy, it’s like porn! Does this ever happen to you?
  • I just realized there is nowhere on a woman’s body that I wouldn’t want to touch. Actually I realized that a long time ago but your texts now are reminding me.

Get the idea? At this stage of sexting, getting too personal too fast could shut things down in a flash. This isn’t the time to be direct — your partner needs time to warm up to the idea. And you both need time to get into your own special rhythm. So keep it vague, at first. Just kinda toss the idea of sex up in the air, and see where it lands. If your partner’s into it, your conversation will flow from there. If your partner isn’t (or if she’s unavailable), she can simply choose to ignore your implications. No harm, no foul. Try again later, maybe.

If, by chance — lucky you! — your sext partner returns with a sexy message of her own….  it’s on, buster.

So now what? How do you sext and what about pictures? Pictures are the best part of sexting! Think before you share (we’ll get to that in a moment), but first: that tip about Old School porn mags?

Vintage, amateur or otherwise non-digital erotica is a gold mine for sexting inspiration!

When you’re trying to think of sexting examples, pictures can help, and the stuff you won’t find online will most likely be unique in some way, or at least have an element of newness for you both. Often, just describing what you see in an erotic photo can be more than enough to excite your partner if she shares your turn-ons and fantasies.

In addition, most cameras & smartphones have a “macro” function that can zoom in to create crisp, clear images off printed materials. Since copyrights don’t apply to personal text messages, it’s perfectly legal to copy & sext images of ANY printed material, for that matter. If you happen to see a particularly impressive penis while flipping thru the latest issue of “Swingers Monthly,” go ahead and snap a shot, send it out as your own. Just remember:

Before you send a penis pic, ask. And then ask again, just to be sure. Cause women are funny about dick pics. Or, rather: women find dick pics funny.

Even during heavy sexting, the sight of your stout little soldier with his cute little helmet, standing proud in a nest of pubes can be a real mood killer. And we’re viewing on a teeny-tiny screen, yet. Not flattering. And squinting makes the face feel quite unsexy, to boot. Spare your sext partner the urge to go, “Awwwww” while making an old lady face.

Instead of sexting pictures of your endgame, try sexting pictures of your seduction techniques. You’d be surprised how sexy a photo of a man painting a woman’s toenails could be, or a woman getting a massage or having her hair washed. If she’s like most women, your sexting partner will get much hotter seeing photos of the sexy clothes you want her to wear, than the great big throbbing dick you’d like her to ride.

Always remember: Sexting isn’t sex. How could it be? It’s totally virtual, you don’t even hear each other much less touch. So forget about trying to get in her pants, and instead get into her mind!

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