Sexting Examples Part One

sexting examples

Looking for real sexting examples? You’ll find no better inspiration for you own red-hot sexting than “eavesdropping” in on some fantasy sexting sessions from’s most talented Talkers.

These Real Sexting conversations are fictional, but based on our Talkers’ favorite real sexting sessions with both actual partners and callers.

The CuckHolder Sexting Example, Part One


Talker Profile:   FoolingAround

Time:  Sunday, around 7 pm


Hey Mrs. Beautiful…been thinking about you.

    I’m so glad to hear that, honey.

Really? Have you been thinking about me?

    You’re surprised? We had a fantastic time the other night.

We did, didn’t we?

    Are you ready to do it again? Cause I could use more time with you, baby.

That’s so nice to hear. I was hoping it wasn’t just me.

    No. Definitely not just you. Your kisses made me melt.

Thanks!! Your kisses gave me issues as well

    Issues??? I thought we took care of your… issue.

Well I was very aroused which can be a problem for me

    Oooh I remember your hard bulge pressing into me when we were kissing.

    You felt very large.

Yes and DIFFICULT TO HIDE from the wife every time I remembered!!

    Oh really? You were popping a tent just remembering?

Like a teenager. So obvious, too. I am on the large side.

    Yes, you insinuated as much, but lemme ask — how large are you, really?

I hope this does not scare you!

    Please! Scare me! I will tell you a little secret if you tell me.


A lil over 9 inches. Very thick. Like, soda can thick.

    Oh baby baby baby baby baby!!!!!!!!

You’re into size?


So I told you how big. You tell me your secret. You promised.

    Remember how I said I would never cheat on my husband?

    I want to fuck you anyway!!

    I think we should fuck, for real this time.


    And I already knew how big you were.

    I measured your dick against my hand.

   And I felt how huge you are.

    And I have been hoping you would find me again.

    Cause I really really really want you inside me!!!


    So shut the fuck up, already. Like you could tell!

    I was all over your cock, baby.

    You know it, I know it. So give it to me.

    I will cheat on my husband for that cock!

You’re crazy!

    I don’t care. I love him but…. He is a very special guy to me. BUUUUT.

Sorry! Too personal?

    No, no. I like talking to you about my life.

So do you and he have an intimate relationship?

    Yes, we have sex a few times a month

Does he know you have this obsession with big dicks?

    Hahaha yes he knows. But he has a small dick so he also feels bad for me.

    We play a game where he asks me how much I like so-and-so’s big dick.

    And then he fucks me with a big dildo.

    Cause his dick is too small to satisfy me.

So he’s OK with you creaming for other guy’s big dicks?

     Yes, he kind of enjoys the fantasy.

    But we never talk about doing it for real.

Why not?

    Never crossed our minds. Never met anyone who made me so hot.

    So I want to keep you all to myself for now.

Sex with him still good?

    Meh. We’re way into each other, but I just need a bit… more.

More often? Does he get a lot of “headaches” hehehe?

    LOL no —  he’s always after me.

    More = size

    He’s itty bitty, remember?

Ohhhh duh I did not catch that, sorry.

    His dick is sorry! heheh 5 inches hard on a good day.

    Thin like a pencil. Sigh.

So how is sex with a guy that small?

    Intimate — but frankly, a fuck from him kinda feels more like fingering.

    I need more. I like to really feel “invaded” LOL

You like it rough?


hahaah Define “rough”

    Like I’m being taken. Forced. Pushed.

    Nips and pinches too please.

    Don’t forget to tell me I’m a slut to cheat on my husband!

    A nasty nympho with no impulse control, bad meeeee!!!! heehehe


    Pull my hair. Hold me down. Tie me up so I can’t move.

    Spank me. Push me hard against the wall.

    Take me from behind while standing.

    Did I say spank me yet? SPANK ME HARD!!

    I can take it, I want to take it from you.

    As long as I get that big fat cock afterwards!

How about during?!

    Ha! Yes!! Before, during and after.

    Holy shit I am so wet right now!!!! LOL

I am so hard right now. I want you NOW!!!

    Let’s do this. I need to fuck you.


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