Master Sexting: Dick Pic Tips

dic pic tips

Welcome back to our Master Sexting Series. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the sexting scene sending sexy selfies is something you will need to master while sexting. We’ve got some tips to help you take the perfect dick pic!

Don’t send unsolicited dick pics

We cannot stress this tip enough, you should wait for an unmistakable sign that a picture of your genitals is warranted and welcome. Just because a girl gave you her number, or you went on a date does not mean she wants to see your member. The consensus most people seemed to reach is that you should wait well into sexting someone to send this kind of picture. This means two or three pictures from the girl, and at least one with some sort of nudity.

Embrace your body

A shirtless dude might be neither as unusual nor as illicit a sight as a topless woman, but it is still awesome to see someone you’re attracted to without his shirt on. There is way more to your body than just your penis, so include some of it! Let her fantasize about tracing her tongue down your abs to your penis, that’s hard to do if all she gets is a cropped in shot.

Check your background

Once you’re sure she wants to see your package, and you’ve picked your angle and taken your selfie, check the rest of the photo. Make sure your bed has an unstained sheet on it, not a bare mattress on the floor. Are you wearing socks? Does it distract from the focal point? We promise you she’s sure to notice these things so take the time to make sure there is nothing to pull the attention away from the main event.

Laying on your bed is your best bet and your blanket will give you a nice uniform background. Proper lighting is also key, it’s the difference between a dick pic looking like a work of art or like a screenshot from google. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. I am always up for a good dick pick it really gets me turned on and hungry for more. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to express to anyone reading this should send me a dick pick right now. Feed my mind and we will talk about the pussy later.

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