Sexting: Apps for Long Distance Relationships


Welcome to our Master Sexting Series. Whether you are a seasoned pro at sexting and just need some new material, or are brand new to sending sexts to stick with us and you will be a master at sexting in no time! This series will have scripts and tips to help spice up your sext life! It’s important to remember there are many different ways to sext. Most people assume sexting is limited to just text messages. However, if you are in a long distance relationship then you may be looking for some alternative methods to keep the flame alive while you’re apart. Thankfully there are apps that make it easy to spice up your LDR without the monotony.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts for Long Distance Relationships

Very similar to Skype Google Hangouts allows you to chat with your special someone through messages, audio, and video. You can also share screens, photos, GIFS, emojis, stickers and files with each other. Unlike the apps you can connect with your partner on a tablet or laptop and set it up next to you for your long distance…Netflix and chill dates.


Facetime for Long Distance Relationships

If you both own iOS device, facetime is a much more convenient app to google hangouts. Great for the couple on the go, the only major drawback here is that one of your hands is going to be dedicated to holding your phone leaving only one free for, other things.


If you want something more intimate then check out Avocado, it’s a private app that enables you and your partner to stay directly connected. Not only can you send private messages with photos, videos, doodles, and texts but you can both easily access a shared media gallery. The app does have some practical features like sharing lists and calendar events. However, most sexting users prefer the ability to send your partner hugs, and kisses. The app will also send a notification if your partner’s battery is low, so no more wondering what happened the next time their phone dies.


Snapchat sexting

Sexy selfies with built in filters, and timers. This app is perfect for when you’re feeling especially sexy. Snapchat allows you to send naughty pictures, as well as determine the amount of time the viewer is able to see them. Pictures can make any sexting session even more exciting, but before you send that stripped down selfie, you should check out our article with some advice for sending the perfect selfie.

We’ll see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. I love the above a lot. I so now want to try the Avocado app out now that looks really cool. Wow I can`t wait till the day when you can kiss your phone and feel another mouth or at least the energy of the person via phone.

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