Sext Her Until She Cums!


Not all sexting has the intention of an end-game hook-up that night. Sometimes, you just want to get each other off. While doing so, you intend to build anticipation she can feel until the need to orgasm becomes desperate. Women achieve peak orgasm at maximum arousal level. As the saying goes ‘Men are microwaves, hit a button, they are ready to go.. Women are ovens, you gotta warm them up.’

Get Her Off Sexting
How can you achieve this when in reality, you just want to make her climax in person right now?

For starters, explain your foreplay. Step by step. Where is your tongue? Where do you want her’s?

Just because you aren’t there to run by all the bases, doesn’t mean you can’t help her imagination along.

When describing the act of sex to her, don’t go too quickly. Build towards completion. You should always explain the positions you would have her in, as well as speed. Are you going slow? Tell her about it. “I stick my dick in and cum.” doesn’t have the same impact as “I slowly slide into you, pulling back out slightly to tease you.” The build up of anticipation to sliding home is crucial.

Don’t build it up too long. You don’t need to text her for three hours about how you are going out and in, out and in, out and in, etc. Do not stretch the build up to the point of her losing interest. This is a sure fire way to strike out. A good way to spot when to move on in the conversation is a simple text clue from her, “What would you do next?” This means, she’s having fun, but is ready for you to continue the conversation. Read her responses as a guide to how she is feeling. If she tells you that what you’re doing is feeling good, take that to mean she’s probably pleasuring herself along with your texts. So, guide her through her big finish. Make sure you don’t rush it, and you’re sure to win.

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