Sex Tips: Foreplay for Public Places

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Foreplay can make hot sex much hotter and last longer. The buildup before the action is many women’s favorite part of a satisfying sexual encounter. So why not start to heat things up before you even get home and into the bedroom?

These teasing techniques and sex tips discussed below will get heart rates up without getting you ousted for being over-the-top with your P.D.A.

Try some of these sexy suggestions out on your next date night and watch how fast you get hearts racing and panties dropping.

Engaging Eye Contact is Sexy

Engaging Eye Contact is Sexy

Eye contact is probably the most basic and most potent way to communicate your interest and desire to your partner. Eye contact flirting is exciting, no matter where you are, add in a little lip licking and soft biting for some extra butterflies in her stomach…and don’t be afraid to head lower if you know what we mean.

Titillating Touching

Titillating Touching Sex Tips

Brushing your fingers lightly along any part of your partner’s body is sure to send tingles up their spine. A simple caress on a shoulder or thigh can leave them dripping with anticipation for hours. The light contact sometimes sparks electricity and tension, making it a great precursor to a hot session between the sheets.

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If you live in a colder climate that has your partner’s skin completely covered try letting your feet do the talking when your fingers can’t do the walking. Even if you’re not into foot play you don’t need to have a foot fetish to understand the intent of a foot sliding up your ankle.

Wild Whispers

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Whispering sweet nothings is a great move, but if you amp those whispers up a wilder notch, your partner’s imagination can run rampant with desires. She begins to plan all the dirty little things the two of you could get into later in the evening. If you happen to be out somewhere too noisy for whispering, don’t be afraid to turn to sexting. Cell-phones were created to keep people in contact, so use them to the fullest by sexting your partner all the ways you want to connect.

Wild Whispers to Spark The Mood

When done right, even the smallest things can turn a casual date into an intense sexual session once you’re alone.


One thought on “Sex Tips: Foreplay for Public Places”

  1. The best foreplay I ever had in public was when me and my friend with benefits would go to a strip bar and just hang out and have a good time and do some drinking which led to some touching and which led to him coming back to my place for round two and three. In my opinion going to a strip ball with a guy is like getting the water boiling and then doing the cooking at home. Kinda like prep work.

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