Sex and Sports

sex & sports

Welcome to our Seriously Strange Sex Series- In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend this week we’re talking about sex and sporting events.


Golden medals aren’t the only thing being given out to the Olympic athletes. Back in 2016 athletes received a total of 450,000 condoms, and this year they are looking to break that record. Organizers are making the condoms very accessible to both men and women, placing baskets full of contraceptives in the men’s and women’s restaurants not only in the two Olympic Villages in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, but also in the main press center, the Media Village, and the medical centers. There are currently enough condoms being handed out to the 2,925 different athletes that each one could have sex 37 times during the 16 days the events span.

The Fans

Athletes aren’t the only ones getting down and dirty. Fans are bringing back sex under, or in, the bleachers. This video is a recap of some of the most blatant couples caught in the act at sporting events. The video is NSFW. These fans where just to hot and bothered to make it through the game without a little celebration of their own.

The Main Event

If you prefer watching sex acts as the main event, then the Air Sex Championships are perfect for you. This year’s event will be the Championships 10 year. This sporting event brings together airsexuals of all ages, races, body types, and gender identifications to compete against each other in various stages of undress, to see who the best airsexual partner is. There are only three rules on stage at the Air Sex World Championships: all climaxes must be simulated, there must always be another (imaginary) person on stage during your routine, and to keep things sex positive and accepting during the event.

If we haven’t hit your sweet spot yet, don’t worry we will be back with more! We will see you next Saturday for some seriously strange loving!


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  1. After reading all of the above I cum /come to the conclusion that I so would like to try all of these. And right now I would like to find someone to do what the fans are doing. That got me really turned on.

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