Sex Positions that will Keep her on her Toes

stand up sex

Has your partner ever asked you to just push them up against the wall and get things started? Or perhaps there is a bit of a height difference between the two of you? Whatever your reason may be having sex while standing takes a bit of practice but is well worth the change in position once you master it. Here are a few positions you can try if you’re new to standing sex, or even if you’ve tried it and had some difficulty getting into the groove.

Standing Doggy

Standing Doggy

This is one of the easiest standing positions for those working on building you your flexibility and strength for the more complicated stand-up positions. Stand together back to chest then the person in front simply leans forward, you can brace yourself on your knees or a wall if you worry about straining your abdominal muscles. This is a great stand up position for smaller spaces, like a bathroom or office at work. If you are more advanced you can step this up to a wonderful G-spot stimulating position by dropping your hands all the way to the floor.


Lifted sex position

This position is great for just about any location as it doesn’t require anything but you and your partner. However, if you are newer to standing sex you may want to have a wall or tree nearby so that you can lean yourself or your partner against it if you find your muscles tiring. This position does require a combination of balance and strength, however, once you get it down this position provides very deep penetration.


Wheelbarrow sex position

This position requires the most strength and balance of all, however with all that blood rushing to your head mixed in with an orgasm, it is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Unless you’re into erotic expiation. This position can also be flipped if you find you or your partners arms or legs are getting tired. To do that flip the bottom around letting them brace their legs on your shoulders rather than holding their legs hold their arms instead. You will still get the same level of penetration, but the bottom will have much less control of tempo and depth this way.

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  1. I have in the past tried all of these positions and I liked them a lot. I have not tried the Wheelbarrow and I am so much needing to try it. Just seeing it above makes me horny and a bit frisky.

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