Sex Myths Many People Still Believe

sex myths

We seemed to have outgrown the days of believing nonsense like “playing with one’s penis too much will make it fall off” and “drinking Mountain Dew will lower sperm counts”… Did you know there are still quite a few sex myths that are believed by many people around the world?

The “sex makes you looser” myth

The sex makes you looser myth

Just like stuffing a lot of food in your face will not loosen your mouth muscles stuffing lots of hot dogs in your taco will not loosen vaginal muscles.

There is absolutely no scientific link between multiple partners or large amounts of sex and cavernous vaginas. If you find you’re looser than you would like there are options out there to help you shape things back up to the desired form.

The ‘oral sex isn’t real sex‘ myth.

While oral sex isn’t technically intercourse, it is still a form of sex. Yes, oral SEX is still sex.

You can still get an STD from a quick front-seat-of-the-car blowy. While the risk of HIV infection from oral sex is low, oral sex is not a risk-free alternative to sex or contracting all STDs.

The ‘anal sex will make you incontinent’ myth.

ana sex myth

Science says fecal incontinence can be chronic and is often caused by muscle and nerve damage around the rectum, constipation, certain diseases, surgical procedures, and childbirth.

However, nothing has been shown to link anal sex and incontinence.

So go ahead in the back door, you’ll still be able to hold your shit together, but you may still want to start off in the shower for good form.

The ‘sex is like pizza when it’s bad, it’s still good” myth

sex is like pizza when it’s bad, it’s still good myth

Bad sex isn’t better than no sex at all. Especially for women.

For women, bad sex usually means they don’t get off, so they are essentially left with blue balls.

Strive to have good sex, every time.

This means focusing on getting your partner off as well as yourself. Sharing is caring!


Sex Myth Trifecta:

Pulling out…Having sex in a showerHaving sex on your periodwill all prevent pregnancy.”

sex myth

None of the above will prevent pregnancy.

The only one that even comes close to having a chance is having sex on your period, while you are outside of your peek fertility date sperm lingers in the body for up to 7 days so it’s not even near impossible.

Also, pulling out doesn’t mean no sperm were released in pre-ejaculate.

Like salmon, sperm can swim upstream, and all it takes is one good swimmer to get the job done.

The “size doesn’t matter it’s the motion of the ocean” myth

Ah, and we’ve come to the greatest sex myth debate of all time…

To read a more in-depth take on the debate, check out our article about when and why size matters here.

The “most people prefer a larger size” myth is mental, not physical.

So while your partner may care if you’re a grower or a shower, you’re abilities in the bedroom are what really matter.

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  1. I have heard eating chocolate makes your sperm thick and creamy white. It doesn’t work. Is there anything i can do or eat to make mystery a different color or consistency?

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