This Valentines Day- Skip the stuff, have Sex!

sex as valentine

Flowers and candy are great, but you know whats even better? Sex! Win the holiday by giving her the best night of love making ever by trying out some of these tips.

meeting again

lovers meeting again
Take a leap into role-playing by pretending you’re meeting again for the first time. Be yourselves again, or unleash your inner freaks with new names and lives. Meet at a bar or restaurant “for the first time” and spend the night getting to know each other before taking it back to the bedroom. There is no reason to break from the role play if you don’t want to. Go a head and let yourselves enjoy each other like its the first time all over again.

Work Up A Lover’s Appetite

Work Up A Lover's Appetite
Sex is the ultimate appetizer. Not only are you not full, bloated, and slightly buzzed, but you will both look fabulous heading out for your dinner with that after sex glow. This will also let you relax and not worry about having to hurry through dinner so you both aren’t to tired for work Friday. If you cant squeeze time in before dinner then get dessert to go! Who said dessert has to be served at the dinner table? Bring the ice cream, whipped cream, or your favorite sweet treat back the bedroom to be served a la body parts.

Be True to Yourself

be true to yourself
If candles rose petals and a string quartet aren’t your style then skip them. Let your valentines day be something you will both enjoy and be happy with. Go see a movie together, or to see your favorite comedian. If you are more of homebody’s then stay in and bring the sexy fun night to you! As long as you are together doing something you both enjoy, you are sure to have a wonderful and comfortable night. And nothing is better for good sex than not stressing perfection.

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  1. The best part of this article is how sex is the ultimate appetizer. I love that the most and I think it is just so sexy and very true as well. In a nut shell it`s like the icing on the cake type of phrase.

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