Figuring out Sex with Flowcharts

sex flow chart
If figuring out the finer points of sex is one of your resolutions for 2018 then we have got you covered in flowchart form (with a few pie charts and other graphics thrown in for good measure)!

Hopefully, these fornication flowcharts will help you familiarize yourself with the finer points of f*cking.

Drinking and Doing ItDrinking and Doing Chart

F*ck is a four letter word, but according to this flow chart once you hit four drinks you should probably reconsider indulging.
It is never okay to mix sex and selfies unless you’re sexting of course.

Sex and Spooning

Sex and Spooning
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Avoid circulatory issues by switching out who is the big spoon. Or avoid the fiery needles of hell by changing arms before falling asleep.

Talk Dirty to MeDirty Phrases Pie Chart

Well, that escalated quickly. Case and point anything can be sexy during dirty-talk, it’s all about the inflection.

Let’s Take This Outside

Outdoor Sex Chart

It’s always a great idea to be adventurous in your sexcapades. However, redundancy can take the magic out of it.

Sex vs. LTR

Sex vs LTR Chart
Practice makes perfect. Just remember not to let time slow you down, check out our blogs for great ways to spice things up even if you’ve been with your partner for decades.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Talk About Sex Chart
He may talk the talk, but make sure he can walk the walk. Just remember it’s foot-size, not mouth-size that hints about what’s below his belt.

Stop in the Name of …. the dog?

common sex interruptions pie chart
Lot’s of things can spoil your happy ending, so make sure to take a few minutes to check your surroundings, and keep snacks by your bed side.

X Marks the Spot

Heat Map of Where Men Think Clit Is
The elusive clitoris can be confounding. Believe it or not, women have more than one spot that can trigger an orgasm. Check out our blogs on them here for a better understanding of all the right buttons to push.

flowchart of sex
We hope these flow charts were fun and informative, if you still have questions feel free to leave us a comment below!

One thought on “Figuring out Sex with Flowcharts”

  1. I love the charts a lot. I would totally use these with my partner while touching myself at the same time. I think it would put a whole new spend on show and tell and it would for surely stimulate a different kind of foreplay that can be shared between my partner and I for really good sex.

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