Real Sexting Pics

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If you’re having trouble finding real sexting pics, here are some tips for photos girls want to see. Sexting pics you can find anywhere, that you can use to entice, intrigue, seduce and delight the ladies in your contact list. No peen necessary! Compliments of your friends at….

First, let’s just go ahead and make a no peen rule right here: No peen pics unless specifically asked. Will that work for you? Because at this point women are pretty much immune to dick pics. Even your red-hot lover’s cock seems silly when detached from his body and just poking up from a hairy blur on your hand-held.

Sorry if this breaks a man’s heart but it’s true: Unless your penis is really remarkable — like, neon green or hammerheaded or something — it will be a needle lost in the virtual haystack of penises in your sext partner’s phone. The only exception to penis pic immunity, of course, seems to be gay guys who are thusforth encouraged to enjoy each other’s cock shots till the cows come home. Excuse me, bulls.

For the rest of us, may we suggest a crazy sexting picture idea? Instead of sexting photos of your goal (penis! vagina!), try sexting images of your strategy. Every guy has his own unique approach when coming onto a woman, let yours shine through with images and comments that charm, flirt & flatter.

Women like sex, women enjoy sexting — but too much too soon is a turn-off. You need to build trust and rapport before she’ll send you those sexy selfies you’re after.

So start off easy. Make it a story, invite her to suspend reality for a moment with you. Sext her… a beautiful setting. A beach, a meadow, a hotel in a romantic city (or local area if you’re so inclined). Extra points if it’s a setting you’ve enjoyed together, or somewhere she’s always wanted to go. Or a fantasy setting like a dungeon or spaceship or jungle.

Accompany the photo with a message that you’d say to her, if you were sharing that scene together:

  • Do you dance? Think this castle has a ballroom where I could dip you?
  • Picturing you in your red bikini here with me
  • Sunny day. Blanket. Tall grass. Just the two of us. Heaven.
  • Ever wear one of these? You’d look amazing.
  • Since you told me about your fantasy, can’t get you off my mind.
  • Reminds me of you, because you’re also mysterious and full of surprises.

Read her cues, and keep your own agenda in mind. For example, if you’re hankering for hot pics, send her photos of revealing outfits from her favorite online retailers (or yours), along with praise for her bangin’ curves. Describe how she’d look to you, dressed as you wish. Ask if she has any similar outfits in her closet. If you’re lucky, you might be able to cajole her to do some modeling for you.

One caveat: be careful not to imply you will be BUYING these things for your sext partner, of course — unless you are. But why would you? That adds an element of creepiness (if you’re not careful) and besides: Sexting is about fantasy, not retail commerce. Shower your sext partner with virtual jewels, clothes, cars and vacations. Massages, pedicures, spa breaks. Imagine her enjoying your “gifts” and sext her what you might say:

  • I think about being alone with you. Naked except for those earrings.
  • Do you get naked for massages? Should I be jealous?
  • My two favorite things: a beautiful woman, a beautiful car
  • You’d be stunning in this on the red carpet. I’d like to hide under that full skirt!
  • Let’s cruise! Researching list of clothing optional islands…
  • Oh looking at this stuff makes me want to sneak off and be bad with you for awhile.

This is a story, remember? You’re playing a character — charming, generous seducer.  Keep it fun and, this is important: voluntary. Because, ideally, she will be playing a character, too — a beautiful, desirable maiden. Use images to invite her input, her feedback. Tap into her imagination, find out what makes her tick. Create a safe, sensual fantasy for the both of you to explore and enjoy.

And finally:  don’t get so caught up in the creative process that you forget to get off! These sexting examples here are just foreplay — hopefully, you’ll use them as a starting point for the most exciting, imaginative sexting encounters of your life.