Raunchy Rebound Romance. The Do’s and Don’ts

rebound sex

Ending a relationship is often a disaster. However we’ve all heard that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. As the fallout settles rebound sex often seems like a great pick me up. In fact many people (2/3’s of 170 people in one study had sex shortly after a breakup.) So if your relationship just ruptured and you’re thinking a good romp in the sheets will have you right as rain we’ve got some tips to make sure things work out in your best interest.

First Things First

rebound sex

There is a big difference between rebound sex, and revenge sex. Revenge sex isn’t healthy for you, or the partner you engage in it with. It will not leave you with any feelings of resolution. Process and deal with the loss of your old relationship first. Finding a new lover immediately avoids giving you the time to process your break up, and prevents you from forming new relationships properly. So before you go diving into the sack, ask yourself if you are doing this because you are ready, or just as a way to get back at your ex.

Keep Yourself in Check

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Rebound sex is not meant to be a new relationship. However if you aren’t careful, you’re likely to find yourself in a new relationship you weren’t ready for. Keep in mind that being alone is better than being in a bad relationship, and distance your emotions. Rebound sex is about the SEX, keep it that way. Also don’t compare your ex to your rebound. The point is to get over them not continue to bring them into your life and thoughts.

So skip the gallon of ice-cream and opt for some steamy hot sexy instead. Not only will the physical attention help ease your pain, there’s virtually nothing an orgasm can’t help with.

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  1. I have been a very active participant in rebound and revenge sex. To avoid anything major happening I just try to indulge myself in casual and kinky sex with a side of spontaneous on top like icing on a cake. Totally less drama that way.

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