Quickie Sext Session

sexting shower scene

Welcome back to our master sexting series. This week we have a steamy sexting session for you to enjoy and employ.

Remember there are a million different ways to sext, even when you are limited on time.

This sexting conversation was perfect for a couple who were apart and only had time for a quick encounter with each other.


I wish so bad that I was there with you right now.

Mmmm me too. I’d love that.

I’d kiss your sweet lips over and over and then press kisses along your bare neckline.

I’d let you have your way with me, any way you want.

Mmm good in that case I’d slip your bra straps off your shoulders and cover your breasts with kisses. I’d love to be sucking on and kissing your nipples right now.

I wish I could feel your lips on my nipples instead of my fingers.

Are you touching them for me?

Yes I am. You are getting me really hot.

My cock is like a rock for you right now. If I were there I’d slip your panties aside and put it inside you.

Oh god I want to feel you inside me.

Are you rubbing your clit now?

…I am now

Use your fingers for me and feel my hard cock sliding in and out of you. Feel the head deep inside you.

I think I’m going to cum.

Oh yes I want you to. Cum for me. Imagine my hard cock inside you and my kisses all over you. Imagine me kissing you deeply as we cum together.

Send me something sexy. Here I’ll send something for you first.

Did you get it?

sexy cell phone picture

My god you are so beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands on you again.

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

One thought on “Quickie Sext Session”

  1. Get your partner hot. Get your partner horny. Your goal isn’t to make your partner climax, though — not at first. You’ll want to lead your partner through stages of arousal.

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