Psychological Sex Hacks

sex hacks

Thanks to social media there are videos and web pages full of life hacks.

However, there are very few of these wonderful helpful hacks that focus on helping your sex life. So we’ve taken the time to gather together a few easy mental hacks to help you have a healthier happier sex life. So put down Pintrest and try giving a few of these a go instead.


Unplug for better sex

Remember that a lot of sexual pleasure is in your head, literally. So get your head in the game. Put down your phone, and your to-do lists and spend a few minutes thinking about how much pleasure sex can bring you. Think of it as meditation to release sexual frustrations. You may be shocked at how easy it is to get yourself in the mood by simply remembering how much you like sex.


sex Visualization

Break yourself out of the mentality that sex is a chore to keep your relationship healthy. Before you even begin foreplay take a few moments to picture yourself relaxed and satisfied. You are essentially priming your brain and body to open up and accept the pleasure that accompanies orgasms. Think of how your partner looks on top of, or under, you. Visualize your favorite parts of sex, and end your visualizations with a picture of your orgasm.

Train your Brain

Train your Brain for better sex

Variety may be the spice of life, but a little routine can be good too. Choose a scented candle and soundtrack that you enjoy and make that your sex only sent and sound. Your senses will quickly adjust and begin to associate those sounds and smells with sex. This will help train your brain to automatically get in the mood when you hear or smell them. As an added bonus you’ll have a great excuse next time you get questioned on all those Sentsy purchases.

Do you have a mental routine that you find makes your sex hotter and more enjoyable? Share it with us below!


One thought on “Psychological Sex Hacks”

  1. I like the candle idea will be doing that. If I know that I am going to have sex what I will do before hand is do some stretches to make myself more flexible for my partner. But I need to find a good mental routine going forward for my future hook ups.

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