Pick Up Lines to Help You Score on Spring Break

Spring break is the start of those hot summer nights. With these spring break pickup lines we promise the waves wont be the only thing you’ll be riding. Although a lot of people insist that pick up lines don’t really work, the fact is that it’s all about how you say them and your timing.

I prefer the European version of sunbathing, wanna join me?

Can I borrow your cell phone? I want to call my mother and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.

I’ll participate in a wet t-shirt contest if you agree to be a judge.

I thought for a second I died and went to haven, but then I realized that I am alive and haven has been brought to me.

Did you know that you burn 2.8 calories a minute while slow dancing. Wanna work out?

I really want to burn off the calories I’ve drunk, but I need your help.

If you want to go out to dinner with me just smile. If you don’t want to, do a back flip.

We should get some coffee, cause I’m liking you a latte

You like to eat Mexican? Because you’re heating up my taco.

I’ll show you my passport if you show me yours.

How was your last skinny dip? I bet I can make your next one better.

Do I have a grass stain on my ass?

Did you steal my beer? That one looks just like the one I was drinking?

Dance with me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name…(guess a really off the wall name)

No matter which one of these you try, it’s all about the delivery. So have some fun, and remember if it doesn’t work for one, it’ll definitely work on someone.

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