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penis jewelry

Did you know there are cock rings, cages, and even cologne?  There are limitless accessories for your penis. So we’re here to help you sort through the options and pick the cock concoctions that will best help with pleasure and performance.

Glans Rings

Glans Rings on Dildo

If you are looking for the perfect piece of penis jewelry this ring has it all, superior sex play, heightened sensitivity, increased stimulation and a big throbbing bulge. Glans rings are designed to be worn just under the head of your penis when its erect. The coronal ridge prevents it from slipping off while you’re actively using your new ring. Not only do these rings adorn your beast with something shiny she’ll be dying to get her hands on it also provides a gratifying grip, while keeping you rock hard and ready to rock. There are also multi size packs of this style of ring,  one for around the base of the head, one for around the base of the shaft and one for around the scrotum.

Penis Plug

Penis Plug on man

Penis or Cock Plugs depending on the makers are designed for urethra play, and sometimes orgasm denial. So why would someone stuff their cock? Sounding play involves stretching the urethra and massaging it with different textures. Some men have never explored this erogenous zone at all and are quite surprised at the amount of pleasure that can be derived from it. If you’re new to urethral play make sure to decide if you want to be able to come through your plug or want it to prevent release. There are also a multitude of different textures and flexibilities.

Combo Crowns

Combo Crowns

If you want to treat your member like the king it is, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a combination of the two styles. there are numerous materials, styles, and textures to choose from so you may want to start by trying individuals of the ones listed above, until you are sure what sensations you enjoy most.

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