Master Sexting Mondays : Oral Sexting

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It’s one thing to send a few dirty messages to help a friend rub one out. It is another matter entirely to help your partner get off feeling like they’ve gotten a blow job. This week’s master sexting series is focused entirely on those of you who love sucking your partner off, but maybe having a hard time putting your actions into words. So sit back, grab your phone, and get ready to sext your partner some oral stimulation.

oral sexting

“…kissing every spot until I come to the top of your pussy, I smell your excitement as I start to kiss down your left thigh.

I wiggle with anticipation as you kiss back up my thigh.

Then I kiss your clit flicking my tongue out.

I moan as you finally slowly lick the length of my pussy

Parting your pussy lips with my tongue, your sweet juices coating my tongue. I start to lick faster at your clit, your moans become louder, your pussy becomes wetter as I lap up your juices and lick and suck on your clit, faster and faster. Licking and sucking….”

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“I can’t stop thinking about tasting you. I imagined feeling your hard cock in my warm eager mouth, teasing you with gentle kisses and long slow licks up and down your length. Nestled close in between your legs with my head held up on one arm and my other hand playing with your balls I’d start at the base of your cock and use my tongue laid out flat to lick you. I would lick slow and make sure my tongue was nice and wet.

Now I’m imagining my smooth cock sliding against your wet tongue.

I would make sure to take a long time licking and kissing your cock, enjoying feeling it grow in my mouth.

It’s already rock hard baby.

When I get to the ridge at your head you feel my tongue pointy and fast, flickering around you stopping for a second at your little hole for a tiny suck. Then slowly I work my way back down your iron rod before sucking on your weighing balls. You feel so good when I lick you and I can’t wait to fuck you with my mouth.”


“I take the skin of your inner thighs and pinch it delicately between my teeth


I do this all the way up working back to your womanhood once again

I take my time, doing it very slowly

the slower the better

moaning louder now.

Your moans increase in intensity, as your pleasure is obvious

feeling quite wet

I work up to the area between your pussy and your butt. I work the area hard with my tongue as I hold and massage your thighs

desires growing.

I softly tease the hairs of your mound as I take in your delicate scent. You smell so good

your touch makes me wild

I squeeze your hips as I again kiss the whole area around your wet pussy

i have no control over my increasing wetness

I pause for a moment to bask in the scent then slowly kiss and lick your whole area. The taste is delicious as your juices start to drive me wild

my body succumbs

I lap them up like an animal at feeding time”

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“Without warning, I take you fully into my mouth. In one quick movement, your cock fills my entire mouth, I feel you at the back of my throat. I begin bobbing up and down on your manhood, savoring the way you feel encased in my horny mouth. I feel your hands in my hair as you grab my head and guide me. Your hips thrust as you push me down onto your need.”

Hopefully, these oral sext samples have inspired a steamy hot sext session. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. I really like reading the above and now I am read to show some oral hospitality to my next cock. Along with lots of deep throat activities as well.

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