Oral Sex basics that everyone should know.

oral sex tips

If you’ve never had oral sex before and are thinking of trying it, you should know a few things before diving in. And even if you regularly indulge in some fellatio, there are some things you may be missing.

Who’s Harder?

oral sex tips

Believe it or not, fondling a penis with your mouth takes a lot more energy, concentration, and some resistance to gagging. If your lady is reluctant to give a lot of oral even if it’s reciprocal, try changing up positions to something that may make her a bit more comfortable.

The trusty 69 position for some mutual appreciation is great, but kneeling on the floor while she’s on the bed can also give her some support while giving your eyes a better view and your hands-free reign.

Teeth off, Hands-on

Teeth off, Hands-on during oral sex

That smile may be your partner’s favorite part of you, but trust us they will love it even more if you tuck those pearly whites away for the moment. Remember there is more to stimulate on men then just the rod, but if you’re not a balls in your mouth type of girl, use your hands. Play around, but be gentle they aren’t stress balls. For both men and women, nipple stimulation is important. While your mouth is busy in the nether regions, let your hands travel right up to the nipples. Play around with them the way you would like to be played around with.

Talk it out

Talk about oral sex

Oral sex can be really bad or uncomfortable. Both women and men have extremely sensitive genitals, so oral gone wrong can be a quick turn off.

For example, did you know some women are not cool with direct clitoral stimulation? It can get a little overwhelming and uncomfortable. So don’t shy away from telling them how you’d like it. Your orgasm is at stake here. Don’t hold back. Good communication means good sex.

And remember, just because oral isn’t intercourse doesn’t mean you should skip the condoms. Adding in some flavored ones can make things more pleasant while also keeping you safe from stds.


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