Oak Galls to Strengthen your Lady Walls

wasps nests around vagina

Women are crushing up wasps nests and putting the powder in their punanies. Perhaps you have heard of oak apples, or oak galls. Or maybe you know them as masikai. They have many names, however these wasp’s nests have a brand new use. Women are using them to tighten vaginal walls, treat urinary infections and rid themselves of unpleasant odors. If you have seen this sudden new trend and wondered if this all-natural treatment is the bee’s knees or if it will just sting you where the sun don’t shine we’ll tell you “wasps” up with this new fad.

What are they?wasps for vagina

If you’ve never heard of an oak gall, they are tree deformities that are caused by wasp nests. They are formed by a wasp laying eggs in a tree’s leaf buds. The larva then develops inside of them. It has become well known as a medicinal herb around the world and is sold in many smaller drug stores. It is known to have astringent and antiseptic properties.

Should you put it in your Flower?

wasps for vagina strength


While manjakani gel is popularly used in places like Malaysia for tightening vaginal muscles, that’s not exactly the same as gridding it up and applying it internally. If you are looking for a homeopathic affordable way to aid your kegels then this is an option however it is not without its own risks. Gynecologists are warning against using the oak galls as an internal powder. It can cause extreme vaginal drying which also increases the risks of damaging the walls during sex. Along with drying out the protective mucous layer it also messes with the body’s natural good bacteria. So while your love tunnel may be tighter it will also be dryer, sex can become quite painful, and you are at a higher risk for infections.

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If you still want to give this natural remedy a try, here’s one final warning. It STINGS! Think burning, like accidentally getting icy hot in your lady bits. If you’re willing to risk the tingle to tighten your honey pot then here’s the simplest yet still an effective way to use these herbs. Take a liter of water in a pan and boil it. Pound 2 manjakani in a mortar and pestle and add to the boiling water. Let it boil till the color changes. Switch off, cool and strain and use it as a wash. Start using it along with kegel exercise for best results.

2 thoughts on “Oak Galls to Strengthen your Lady Walls”

  1. I like trying new things and this seems really cool. So I think I may have to work up the nerve to try this . In the mean time. I am gong to continue watching You Tube videos and seeing what they have to offer. And I love Kim Anami she has her own ideas about vaginal health and tightness.

  2. I am all for new things too Ms. Baby… But risking any harm to my vagina is a no go for me. Those wasps can keep their sting!
    Xxooxx Jewels


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