The New #OneFingerSelfie Challenge will keep your Whole Hand Occupied.

OneFingerSelfie Challenge

Forget about the #MannequinChallenge! We are positively in love with the new #OneFingerSelfie or #1fingerchallenge! It doesn’t matter what hashtag you add this trend is smoking hot. This could quite possibly be the most risqué challenge of all time. If you haven’t heard about it yet don’t worry! We have all the dirty details as well as a few of our favorite drool worthy #OneFingerSelfie shots from around the globe.

What is the #OneFingerSelfie Challenge?

one finger selfie

The new selfie phenomenon putting the duckface to shame was all started by a Japanese anime artist known as Sky-FreeDom. It is so much simpler than the planking or ice bucket challenge! Even Kylie Jenner’s Lip challenge can’t compare. So what is it? It is literally a selfie taken naked in front of a mirror with just one strategically placed finger covering just enough of the naughty bits to keep it from being banned from social media. If you want to check out the video that started it all with almost 1 million views in less than a week you can check it out here.

Our Absolute Favorite #OneFingerSelfie Shots

OneFingerSelfie Shots

To begin with goodbye black censor boxes! Instead, say hello fingers!

goodbye black censor boxes

Don’t worry ladies, the guys are jumping on board too! Covering it all with on finger may have seemed a bit unfortunate, until now!

trans one finger selfie

Not only is it super sexy, but its empowering. Even transgender blogger Delia Melody has joined in the liberating challenge.

1finger selfie

Hello Kitty!

one finger selfie

We have a feeling we won’t be the only ones needing to wash our hands after viewing some of these #1fingerchallenge shots.

kardashians in mirror

Unfortunately no celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon yet. However were betting the Kardashians won’t disappoint!

This gives a whole new meaning to giving the finger. Will you accept the challenge! Show us your best #OneFingerSelfie in the comments below or on our Instagram or twitter! In other words, finger us!

One thought on “The New #OneFingerSelfie Challenge will keep your Whole Hand Occupied.”

  1. Now this is really sexy and a challenge that I am so up for. I am a bit shy but I feel that perhaps may be I can do this. I know that if I try it will feel liberating to me and my body parts and it will make me feel really sexy and adventurous like a Kardashian.

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