Sex Fantasies that Make You Feel Naughty

naughty sex fantasy

You ever feel your fantasy seems a little too out there to say aloud? Well, have no fear and know you are not alone. To prove this, we have some stories from couples with out there fantasies just like us.

Shower Stream

Shower Streamy Fantasy

“I’ve done a lot of weird stuff. My ex and I got super whisky drunk and partied in my shower (yes, partied in my shower). We drug my laptop in there and live broadcast for about 2 hours us having nasty kinky sex. Anal, blow jobs, he pissed on me (I WAS IN THE SHOWER DON’T JUDGE ME) we just laughed about the whole piss thing bc we both weren’t into it. But we had like 400 viewers. It was fun.” –Samantha Wise

Blood Sucker

Blood Sucker Fantasy

“One time when my girlfriend was on her period, she got really horny that night. So I proceed to eat her out, discovered I had a new fetish that night. Now every time we watch vampire diaries, I get an erection.” –Kit5une

Deep Sea Diving

deep diving fantasy blog

“Me and my first girlfriend were fooling around, we move to the bedroom, she asks if I mind music, I say I don’t mind, then it gets weird. The CD she puts in is a disk of nature sounds, that in itself was a little odd, but it gets worse! She gets particularly enthusiastic whenever she hears dolphins on the CD, clearly dolphin squeaks turn her on! I don’t know what to do about this, so I try ignore the dolphins and enjoy myself, I couldn’t, it was just too funny! The squeaking sounds mixed with her enthusiastic moans was just too much and I had a total giggle fit, she was not happy about it.” – Flempzilla

Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad Fantasy

“I was a FT Domme for a while… the most unforgettable is when a guy’s wife sent him to me for a photoshoot, and we spent most of the time shoving vegetables up his ass. It wasn’t really offensive, just strange as he came with different veggies. As far as I know the wife loved the photos, so there’s that.” -Liskarialeman

Hand Job

Hand Job fantasy

“Instead of making out, we vigorously shake hands.” –Mikeydlove


We will see you next week for some seriously strange loving!

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  1. I really enjoyed all of the above stories. I like the first one the most. I so would like to indulge in the first on. I perhaps would be open to the golden shower one with the right person of course.

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