Men Obsess when Women Masturbate

mens obsession with womens masturbation

Many men really like watching women masturbate despite masturbation being thought of as a private solo sexual act. For some couple’s mutual masturbation can lead to some of their best sexual experiences. In almost any relationship if a woman mentions touching herself men are not only excited to watch but are willing to assist in anyway they can. So why is it exactly that men enjoy watching women flick their bean so much?


Since masturbation is typically considered something to be done in private, watching someone get themselves off comes with a feeling of breaking the rules, or being privileged to an exhilarating dark secret. Being lost in the moment of ecstasy in her mind also provides a feeling of vulnerability. This can cause an endorphin rush for both parties and make for a very intimate experience between sexual partners.

Music to their Ears

Many men enjoy it simply for the auditory moments. The ability to really sit, absorb, and enjoy the sounds she makes while reaching orgasm. It’s like a front row seat to their favorite concert. No extra words mixed in during the heat of the moment, just pure pleasure.

Learning opportunities

Watching their woman get themselves off can help a man manipulate and perfect his own technique. It gives him a front row seat to how she likes to be touched the most and what exact combination makes her cum. It is even better when toys are involved, chances are he’s already fantasized about her using a toy and that moment is not only a fantasy come true but a glimpse into her fantasy world.

There are many more reasons why men enjoy watching women get off, these are just a few of the most popular. If you have a lady friend who lets you into her bedroom while she’s cleaning her own pipes you are lucky to be included in that very private moment so make sure to take notes on what she is and isn’t doing to and for herself.

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