Master Sexting Mondays: Sexting with Gifs

funny sexting gif

This week in our Master Sexting Series we’ve got some tips to visually enhance your sexting. But first things first, for many people the debate is still raging over how to pronounce GIF. Just so you know the Oxford English Dictionary actually accepts both pronunciations. However, the creator is adamant it is a soft “G” and should be pronounced “jif.” Whichever way you say it, GIF’s are a wonderful enhancement to sexting. They are perfect for when you don’t have much time to text back, or for when you’re not sure exactly how to type out what you mean or want.

How to find the perfect GIF

perfect sexting GIFs

Tumblr is a great resource for some of the hottest GIFs. However, there are quite a few phrases that are filtered out and will provide you with no results. So here are some great search terms you can use and the types of GIF’s they will provide. Remember if you like the type of GIF’s a user posts you can follow them to make future sexting searches easier.


Sensual sexting gifs

Sensual gifs are great for early on in your sexting sessions.

Sensual gifs

They are perfect foreplay GIFS.

foreplay GIFS great for sexting

And are loaded full of different intensity of kisses.

Seductive Sexting

Seductive Sexting

If you are looking to tease and tantalize your partner then this search term is perfect for you.

Seductive Sexting

These GIFS are great for a gentle progression from foreplay to more intense sexting.

Funny Sexting gifs

Just keep in mind as with emoji’s things can get awkward fast if you get too playful.

Kinky Gifs For Sexting

Kinky Gifs For Sexting

If you are looking for more hardcore GIF’s you can try searching for #Spicy, #Hot, #Naughty, or #Steamy.

sext gifs

However you will have to spend some time falling down the rabbit hole to find the really good stuff.

sexting gifs

Remember most of the best search terms are blocked, so find users who post what you are into and follow them!

Happy sexting! We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


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