Master Sexting Mondays – Sexting Slang

Welcome back to our Master Sexting Series. We’ve covered the in’s and out’s of sexting selfies. Shown you how to interpret emoji sexting. You’re becoming a true master! However there may still be a few things you need to decode. To guide you on your way we’ve gathered together some of the most commonly used sexting slang and acronyms so you can quickly interpret your lover’s code words.

Numerical Codes

8 – Oral Sex

K4Y – Kiss for You

F2F – Face to face

LH6 – Let’s Have Sex

143 – I Love You

cu46 – See you for sex

Q2C – Quick to Come

S2R – Send to Receive


Keep in mind there are many, many more sexting acronyms floating around, these are just a few of the most popular.

DYC is the acronym for did you cum?

WTTP is the acronym for want to trade pictures?

GNOC is the acronym for get naked on cam.

GYPO is the acronym for get your pants off.

GNRN is the acronym for get naked right now.

H&K is the acronym for hugs and kisses, some people prefer “xo.”

MPFB is the acronym for my personal fuck buddy.

FMH is the acronym for fuck me harder!

IWS is the acronym for I want sex.

TDTM is the acronym for talk dirty to me.

RUH is the acronym for are you horny?

NIFOC is the acronym for naked in front of computer.

SorG is the acronym for Straight or Gay?

JO is the acronym for jerk off.


Most sexting slang is pretty self-explanatory, but to be sure we’ve included to two most important examples for you.

Smooth Kitty – Shaved vagina

Banana – Penis

We will cu nxt wk (see you next week) for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


2 thoughts on “Master Sexting Mondays – Sexting Slang”

  1. Reading the above makes me want to start sexting someone right now so that I can use all the new number codes and acronyms above to start something sexy up with someone. I know once I do that it will turn into something a bit more.

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