Master Sexting Mondays – Sexting Scripts for Spring Break

Welcome back to our Master Sexting Series. It’s April and you know what that means? The start of spring break season! This week we have some sexting scripts for you, with spring break it can be hard to find time to plan your vacation and think up creative new sexts to send your spring sweetie. Don’t worry we’ve got your back, these sexts are ready to send!

“Let me be one of the bad decisions you make this spring break.”

“I’m getting so hard in my pants just picturing you on your knees unbuttoning my pants and sliding them off. I want to put my hard dick in your mouth.”

“I can’t afford to go to Hawaii for spring break but I hope I still get lei’d”

“Can you come over and help me apply my tanning oil? It’s so slippery, I can’t get a good grip.”

“I would love to kiss your neck so softly as my hands slide up your stomach through under your shirt to caress your breast, as my cock gets harder than it’s ever been with the thought of penetratingly your wet pussy, as I move my lips away from yours and slowly kiss my way down your body all the way down to your feet, while sliding off your underwear. I would slide my hands up your legs to your inner thighs and start rubbing clit before putting my tongue in and tasting you, occasionally slipping my tongue into your tasty ass hole. By this time, I couldn’t help myself but stuff my cock into your vagina as you bite your lips and pull me closer to you. I want to fuck you until I cum.”

“The only thing holding this bikini together is a tiny knot. Wanna undo it?”

“Your lips look sunburned. You really should get them wet.”

“I want to bend you over and fuck you hard. I’m going to make you moan so loud. Slide my cock inside you slowly and keep thrusting harder and harder.”

“I’d throw you on the ground, open your legs and slowly put myself inside you until it’s so deep and you get wetter.”

“I’ve been working all day and now I need to play. Why don’t you come over and give me a hand right now? I’m thinking about how much I’d love to be in your bed, ripping off your clothes and kissing every inch of your perfect body”

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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