Master Sexting Mondays: Sexting Multiples

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Welcome to our Master Sexting Series. Whether you are a seasoned pro at sexting and just need some new material, or are brand new to sending sexts stick with us and you will be a master at sexting in no time! This series will have scripts and tips to help spice up your sext life! It’s important to remember there are many different ways to sext. This week we have some new sexting excerpts for you to seek inspiration from.

Rough Sexts

Rough Sexts

Oh I will! I grind hard and fast and I place my hands around your neck choking just enough.

I’m going to ruin you, your pussy is mine now, and you will lust for it and get wet at the thought of me.

I let out all my frustrations on you. Fucking you hard, taking turns between choking you and scratching up your chest.

You’re moaning so hard and I am all sweaty and panting.

You push me down hard onto you holding my hips so hard.

I want to see you fuck…really fuck. Squat over me and pound all of me in you.

Sexy Story

Sexy Story

You pull me in the door and holding me tight as you kiss me deep and hard. Then we both start undressing each other frantically. Then, once our clothes are off, you step back to get a good look then push me onto the bed. You tell me to spread my legs. You first inspect me with your fingers looking at me all the while. Then you tell me to sit up and you walk around and tilt my chin up as you slide your cock into my mouth.

Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet sexts

Ride my face.

Mmm. I grind my pussy against your face.

Yes! Fuck my face.

Grinding on your tongue.

Sucking and licking hard.

You put a finger in my ass


I keep grinding. I’m so sensitive.

I’m about to cum.

I beg you not to stop.

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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