Master Sexting Mondays – Sext to Phone Transitions

Its time again for our Master Sexting Series, where we help you combine sex and technology like a seasoned pro. This week we have some sample scripts for you for when things get so hot you need to transition from sexting to phone sex.

“Wow babe you have me so turned on right now, can you call me so I can hear you say that to me?””

“I wish you could call me so you could hear how turned on you have me. Let me moan in your ear.”

“Are you kidding? Your words are like fucking poetry here. You’ve got me so hot. How would you feel about calling me on the phone?”

“I want to touch myself for you. Why don’t you call me right now so I can play with myself for you?”

“Your words are so fucking hot, I can’t explain how turned on I am right now. Please call me so I can hear your sexy voice.”

“I’m so turned on its getting hard to text with my slippery fingers. Call me so you can hear how much fun I’m having.”

“You’re so good at this, call me so I can hear how good you are.”

“I’d prefer phone at this point that way I can touch myself, and lounge in the sensation, instead of having to remember how to type.”

“Oh my god I want you so bad right now, can I call you so I can tell you just how much?”

“Babe I’m gonna call you so I can tell you exactly how I want you to touch yourself and hear you enjoying yourself for me until I can be there to do it myself.”

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


One thought on “Master Sexting Mondays – Sext to Phone Transitions”

  1. I so look forward to this series of sexting and more. They really get me turned on and give me really good ideas for getting really freaky and naughty.

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