Master Sexting Mondays – Detailed Sext Examples


Sexting is the art of building sexual tension by imagining sexual fantasies without actually having sex, kind of a roleplay you can say. This series is designed to help you master this art form.

Sext from her to him

Sext from her to him

Baby, if you were just here, I would be stroking rock hard dick and begging you to fuck as you wish.

I would be face down, ass up on the bed so you could fill me up soooooooo deeppp.

I bet you would be loving my hot wet kitty cat as you thrust deep inside me.

Believe me Baby! My wet pussy is so ready for your dick to dig inside me.

I’m desperate to wrap my mouth around your rock hard dick right now.

It gets me more and more horny. I can’t tell you how desperately I need you to fuck me.

Baby! Come right now turn me on and make me wet, and let me feel you inside me, fucking me so hard I can barely breathe.

Sexts from him to her


Stop texting and sending tempting images on phone, just come here and do whatever you feel like doing with me I won’t resist.

I want to push into you deep and hard enough to make you scream with painful but sweet orgasm.

I want to burry myself so deep in you it’s like I’m taking a tour of your insides.

I love the way you slowly stroke my hot rod it’s like a delicious form of torture.

I want to fuck you until your pussy is hugging me and your nails are ripping my back apart.

Hopefully, these descriptive sext examples will help fuel your imagination. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


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