Master Sexting: Doming via Sext

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Welcome back to our Master Sexting Series. If you’re new to sexting or just new to Doming over sext we have some advice to help things go smoothly especially if your sub is a bit of a brat.

It’s hard to put them in their place when you can’t physically reach them, so here are some ideas to implement next time they get feisty but don’t want to listen to your punishment.


Stonewall sexting

Since sexting relies significantly on sending and receiving texts this is one of the most effective techniques. If your sub questions how you are going to make them, or says they don’t want to then simply respond with “You will do it willingly” and wait. Do not respond until they confirm that they are or have done whatever punishment you have assigned. This will also play on the subs insecurities and pride.

Playtime’s Over

Playtime's Over

Most subs strive to make their Dom happy with them, sometimes even when being bratty they still ultimately want to make you happy.

Letting them know that you are unhappy with them and that play time is over until after they have executed their punishment they may still take a little while but eventually comply. This can be achieved with a simple “then I guess we have to stop playing” text without having to completely cut off contact. If you can get them to punish themselves, not out of threats, but out of a desire to make you play with them again, you gain a massive power advantage, one that they will feel as well as you.

When the sub has to crawl back on their knees and willingly do what they just so stubbornly refused to, that makes them feel completely in the Doms power.

Ignore the Brattiness

Ignore the Brattiness while sexting

If you know you have a particularly combative submissive try avoiding the opportunity for them to get bratty. Avoid using trigger words like respect, and obey and simply issue the command as if you are in person and they are powerless to stop you. For example “Get on your knees and put on your nipple clamps.” Do not add the words now, or any extra embellishments for them to latch onto.

Remember punishments don’t always have to be physical, and while you are sexting is the perfect time to pull out some alternative punishments. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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