Make Time for Morning Sex

morning sex tips

Hitting snooze a few times may help you feel like you snuck in some more sleep, but you should start skipping the snoozing in favor of the laziest of all lays. Only having sex at night is like only having sex in your bed or only having sex if the lights are off. Getting it on while the suns coming up actually has all the same benefits as your morning cup of coffee, as well as a ton of physical and emotional benefits, plus you burn calories instead of consuming them. There is no reason you shouldn’t be incorporating sex into your morning routine, but if you’re not convinced yet, or worried about scheduling issues we’ve got your back.

A few reasons why

A few reasons why morning sex is great

If you needed more reasons than just that sex is great morning sex has a few added bonuses. Science says morning sex is really, really good for your heart health! It lowers blood pressure and reduces your risk of having a heart attack. It’s better for your brain than coffee. Researchers who have done MRI scans on people during orgasm have recorded not only both sides of the brain being stimulated, but also parts of it we don’t normally use. It releases oxytocin and improves IGA levels, so you and your partner will be filled with happy hormones, while also doing more for your immune system than a vitamin c supplement.

Scheduling Sex

Scheduling Sex

While everyone loves spontaneous sex, there is nothing wrong with scheduling in time for some with as hectic as lives can be. If you want to be ambitious go ahead and set your alarm a little earlier, but if you don’t want to wake up earlier you can squeeze a quickie in just about anywhere. For example, you can save time and water by hopping in the shower together.


Morning Sex Tips

If you’re worried that you’re not a morning person and won’t be turned on this is the perfect time to work on your foreplay. Stick to stimulating the major erogenous zones and you will both be raring to go in no time. Orgasms may be as good a stimulant as coffee, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be alert prior to it, so stick to simpler positions that let you both be lazy while you get laid. Doggy style is a great one and also skips the morning breath concerns.

Hopefully, you’ll put your morning wood to good use from now on, but if you’re still not sure you want to skip the sleep for sex, ask your partner for some morning head, you’ll see how great a morning orgasm can be for your whole day without the work. Just remember to repay the favor tomorrow.


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