Looner Fetish: Sexy Play With Balloons

balloon looners fetish

I love exploring new fetishes. Whether it’s by myself or with a partner.  The best thing about fetishes is that some can be explored in different positions again with or without a partner.  The icing on the cake for me is that it will increase the speed and strength of my orgasm. Right now just thinking about my future orgasm is really getting me turned on.

My newest fetish that I have been exploring and getting turned on by is the balloon fetish. So, yes I am a future “Looner.” Which is a person who is really turned on by balloons.  I think this fetish is so great because you can be so creative and have a uniquely creative orgasm as well.

Just thinking about how you can lick, kiss, hump, and ride a balloon is such a big turn on for me. I am also going to really get aroused if I am with someone and I hear the hissing and popping sounds. I think that would make such good balloon foreplay.

So yes, I want to orgasm on a huge balloon and try different types like latex, vinyl, and inflatable balloons.  I also would like to try one on one masturbation with balloons.  Massage oil, lubrication, and a flavored syrup on a balloon would be kinda sex also.  See many  creative options comes to my mind and between my thighs.

balloon fetishes

My final thought is, at some point in our lives we looked and held a balloon in our hands with wonder and wow. So let`s do it again and discover something orgasmic and fun. For more on this fetish checkout: Looners United!


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  1. Who new balloons could be so sexy. I am getting so turned on right now and I would love to have a balloon fetish party.

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