Like Big Butts? These products are for you!

Butt Light

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, you can now orient your interior design around them with these booty loving innovations. Let’s face it, nothing says home décor like some booty lamps lighting your way through the house. And when you’re looking for that perfect home sweet home touch, you have to have a pair of panty pillows. Not quite sold yet? Well, read on to check out exactly what these must have home items are.

Pillow Panties

Boobies and Booties make the best pillows! However often the owners of those body parts object when you try to curl up and sleep on them. Pillow Panties has solved this predicament. While we aren’t entirely sure what is going on in their commercial here’s what we do know. For only $22 you can own your own “panty pillow cover.” They are white fabric with a pink border and small bow. The item description says that the “crotch” area of the underwear is located where the user’s neck would rest, and that “it becomes more panty-like with use” referencing the discoloration and scent that will inevitably occur over time. You can order your own pillow panties here.

Butt Light

This cheeky wall lamp is slap or squeeze activated. That’s right this booty gets turned on every time you touch it, no matter what! You can choose out of 10 color options by a rotating dial on the back side of this backside. It is available in a single or triple butt version for those who prefer a little more cushion for the pushing. You can get your own Slap It here for just under $200.

Whether you’re a snuggler, squeezer, slapper, or nuzzler, one of these products are bound to fit your needs, so enjoy!


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  1. I like all of them and I could use a new pillow and it would be nice to buy pillow spray for a pillow and a lamp is always needed so I am sold on both.

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