LGBTQ+ Sexting Samples


This week we have some sexting samples from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Even if you don’t fall under the acronym these sexts are pretty hot and you may be surprised what can inspire you.

Sexting with Toys

Sexting with Toys

“I slip a soft blindfold over your eyes. Then I whisper in your ear “Do you trust me?”

Of course I do

“Good!” I kiss you again

*continues to smile in the direction of your voice*

You hear me rummaging around, and then silence. I grasp your ankles and you feel something being slid up your legs. You lift up your butt and feel the familiar strap of a g string go between your cheeks. Something is lightly nudging your clit and you fell a slight weight on your waist. The bed moves under you, and I gasp at the same time the pressure on your waist increases. Finally you feel me settle down onto you. “My love take off the blindfold.”

*reaches up to remove the blindfold and looks at you sliding my eyes down from your face*

You see me sitting on you, and my skirt is around your hips. I then rise up and you see a dildo inside me and also connected to the g string. I look at you and say it has a clit tickler for your pleasure.”

Story Sexting

Story Sexting

As we wait lets talk about how you like to touch my ass.. I sure do like that! I like it so much that you can touch my ass whenever you like. OK? You made the comment yesterday that I must be feeling great because I had so much energy—that was sexually energy.

I’m horny now.

You use so much “manipulation” in your business-think of the fun we could have it you applied it to me sexually?

Oh really? So you want me to fuck you in my suit?

OK. But not what I meant. We could be upstairs at night and be watching a movie and u could ask me to come over to you. Then tell me to stop making me stand before you and you’d ask me to drop my robe. It would fall to the floor-you’d be able to see me blush and my cock starting to stiffen. Then you’d say turn around. I would and you would start stroking my ass telling me how much you liked it. You’d be able to feel my blood getting hot, see the chill bumps on my skin. You’d take your fingers and run them in the crack of my ass, getting close to, but not really touching it. You’d feel my legs quake with excitement apprehension. Desire. Lust . Passion.

Sexting Non-Binary

Sexting Non-Binary

I’d be your slave if you asked me. Your Bitch. Your Slut . Your hot piece of ass.

Blindfold me, tie me up, you won’t hurt me I like it rough….

Or take me like a man not a crème puff.

I’m waiting for you .

Just fuck me.

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.

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  1. These LGBTQ+ Sexting Samples are hot and got me turned on. In fact I have been known to be with a girl or two and after reading this I so would love to be naughty with one or two right now.

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